Download Rogue Jet Fighter APK

Rogue Jet Fighter is the most thrilling and exciting space shooting game out there. You abandoned your fleet to be on a mission of your own, to destroy one of the aliens powerful DeadMoon stations. These are powerful stations with the capability of destroying an entire fleet. But you have one powerful blaster bomb in your spaceship, you just have to get close enough to destroy it. This will not be easy; you will have to destroy and evade too many alien ships and asteroids.

This amazing star fighting game has very exciting game play, amazing space environments with great sounds, and a great user interface to let the fighters have wonderful experience. You can select the space scene, and your spaceship from several options. The controls are super handy and easy to use (motion sensors or swiping on the screen) to navigate your jet fighter spaceship.

So what are you waiting for? Hit the install button and start playing this awesome space shooting / alien escaping game.

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