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In this highly challenging action RPG, you play with and defeat the Japanese ghosts that appear in the mysterious scenery of cherry blossoms and snow by using timing actions such as parrying, dodge, and skills.

■A split second of timing can mean the difference between life and death.
The monsters will attack you in a variety of violent ways.
However, you can avoid all attacks by parrying them and performing dodge.
Determine the timing of the Japanese ghosts’ attacks and play with them brilliantly.

■You’ll have to use your weapon skills.
You can unleash a weapon technique by successfully executing the specified command.
Each weapon has a different technique, so understanding the characteristics of each will give you an advantage in battle.
In addition, the more you improve, the more exhilarated you will feel.

■Hack and Slash
Equipment obtained from treasure chests will have their grade and ability values randomly determined.
In addition, by combining equipment, you can increase the grade and strengthen the equipment.

■Random stages
The composition of the stage changes every time you enter, including small fish enemies, events, treasure chests, and strong enemies.
After a battle, you can strengthen your ability value, so it is up to your strategy whether to fight, recover, or event.

■Simple operation
You can fight battles with simple tap-only controls.
There is no need for complicated controls to play, just avoid, or skill.

■A story about the battle between Sakura and Japanese ghosts.
桜From a mysterious landscape of cherry blossoms and snow, Japanese ghosts suddenly appear and attack people.
What is the purpose of these Japanese ghosts?

■Recommended for the following people
・I like action RPGs (role-playing games).
・Looking for free smartphone games.
・I’m looking for a game that can be played offline.
・I like to play brilliant action games.
・Good at timing actions.
・I like high-level action games.
・I like games that focus on timing, such as parry.
・I’m looking for a free game to pass the time.
・I like indie games.
・I want to support indie games.
・I find samurai and swords fascinating.
・I like Japanese-style games with kappa, tengu and other ghosts.
・I’m looking for a game with easy controls.
・I like cool actions like parrying, dodging just right, etc.

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